An Educator Has Written a Book To Change Nigeria’s Education System

An educator has written a book to change Nigeria’s education system. On January 20, 2023, at the MTN Plaza in Ikoyi, Lagos, Dennis Okoro, director of the MTN Foundation and a former director of education in Nigeria, released his first book, titled “Education in Nigeria: Visions for a Changing World.”

The author, a former director of education in Nigeria, has written an insider’s account of the country’s educational system, complete with statistics and recommendations for improvement. The book is titled Education in Nigeria: Perspectives for an Evolving World.

An Educator Has Written a Book To Change Nigeria's Education System

This is Okoro’s first published work, and it represents his dedication to improving the quality of education in Nigeria. The current educational system in Nigeria is examined, and any issues are highlighted throughout this 358-page book. It is broken into fourteen (14) parts.

Data, opinions, ideas, and complaints are all included to assist Nigeria’s education system in adapting to the complicated and unpredictable future.

The director of the MTN Foundation has spoken about the book, saying that he was motivated to create it after a chat he had with an expatriate many years ago.

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When visiting the Argungu fish festival a few years ago, I met an ex-pat who strongly urged me to write my thoughts on the Nigerian school system.

Fortunately, the Covid-19 shutdown gave me time to organize my ideas and compose the book,” he stated.

MTN Foundation Chairman Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi and MTN Nigeria Chairman Ernest Ndukwe attended the book launch ceremony.

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Okoro has worked in the Nigerian government’s education sector in several roles, including as an advisor for primary education, head of the federal inspectorate, and head of educational support services.

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