By Onyeama: “My Biggest Disappointment as Foreign Minister

By Onyeama: “My biggest disappointment as Foreign Minister. From: Vincent Ikuomola, Onyedi Ojiabor, and Yusuf Alli, Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s Foreign Minister, has said that his biggest disappointment is the plight of Nigerians who must leave the country.

Onyeama described his struggle to secure the freedom of Nigerian nationals detained in Libyan prisons.

By Onyeama_ _My Biggest Disappointment as Foreign Minister

The Minister was very empathetic toward the plight of Nigerians currently being held in Libya.

During his seven and half years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said, “If there’s one thing that I think back on with the greatest regret, it’s the scenario of Nigerians in foreign countries.”

We have to go and leave the area with a lot of Nigerians from foreign prisons amid the desert. I traveled to Libya and cried as we entered the country. We investigated the camp because we heard that Nigerians were detained there. As a whole, slavery was a problem, as was the exploitation that accompanied it.

They told us there were only about 100 to 200 Nigerians in total.

They exited the house and entered the yard. For me, it ranks up there with the most heartfelt moments of my life. That’s why there were so many children among us. Not until recently did I learn that they were only 13–15 years old.

They released a hundred of them. They entered the massive yard, and immediately, everybody rose to sing the Nigerian national anthem.

I started crying and saw a few females over on that side, so we notified the guard. They allegedly make money for the camp leaders by sending them out in the evening to work as prostitutes or in some other illegal endeavor.

I filed a formal complaint and was informed that the facility’s total population was two hundred. They were a bit scared, but they replied yes when we asked whether they handled them properly.

Of course, the females you know are aggressive because they are girls. They are looking to utilize many more folks besides the ones you see above.

That’s why we insisted on staying until we’d met up with the other Nigerians. Approximately 200 more Nigerians were released around 20 minutes later. As expected, something else was going on, and the President issued an order.

For obvious reasons, they also need our aircraft for exploitation, so we placed an order for an additional of them and promised to deploy them.

So, I’ve seen a lot, and it’s just some of the unpleasant things, and the truth is, sadly, that a lot of our teenagers are being pushed to take these stupid risks.

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“Also, when they travel to these countries and get engaged in drug trafficking and all sorts of other things, it makes it difficult, sometimes, for Nigerian passports to be recognized.

The US Ambassador presented me with a complete list of visas granted, including those for my ministry. A lot of individuals, it makes me feel bad to say this, will acquire note person with the condition to go to the United States for a meeting they have no intention of attending.

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