Election result: Celebrities disagree about Tinubu’s win

Election result: Celebrities disagree about Tinubu’s win. Nigerians, particularly celebrities, have responded in various ways to the election of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress presidential nominee, APC.

Tinubu was awarded a certificate of return and proclaimed the victor of the presidential election held on February 25, 2023, by the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) early Wednesday morning.

Musician Peter Okoye, better known by his stage name Mr. P, reacted to the INEC statement by tweeting, “Dear H.E. PETER OBI their vote can only be postponed, but cannot be ignored.” Mr. P was the first star to support Peter Obi publicly. “Thank you so much, Nigerians.”

Seasoned Nollywood performer Joke Silva took to Twitter to congratulate her home country. Despite all of the obstacles we encounter, we are fortunate to reside in a nation where we have the right to vote. A new president-elect has been chosen. We are sending warm greetings to each of you and your loved ones. The fruits of prosperity, stability, and fairness are ours to enjoy.

Election result: Celebrities disagree about Tinubu's win
Election result: Celebrities disagree about Tinubu’s win

Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, better than her given name Simi, is a famous Nigerian musician and singer. On Wednesday, she tweeted a series of messages in which she referred to “the power of choice” as “the power to decide” and “the ability to alter your mind” if your initial decision turns out to be incorrect—the ability to make the correct call and come out on top. Taking someone’s identity is among the awful things you can do.

God, who knows everything, recognized the importance of allowing humans to make their own decisions and thus endowed us with free will. The freedom to make any decision, good or evil, is essential for human flourishing. In its absence, a man or woman is reduced to a mere skeleton. You’re practically destitute.

On Wednesday, actor Odunlade Adekola posted a video to Instagram showing Tinubu enjoying his victory and praying for the president-elect.

He extended his congratulations to the newly elected President in a letter. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Asiwaju of Lagos, can be found on Twitter as @officialasiwajubat. Please ask God for the insight and knowledge you need to lead Nigeria to greater prosperity and pride.

Performer Yomi Gold also praised the president-elect and urged him not to let Nigerians down in an Instagram message.

Then he tweeted, “Welcome @officialasiwajubat. Preside over to the best of your abilities. Prove to the world that what matters most is a functional framework that will improve the quality of life for all Nigerians, regardless of age. I have faith in you, boss. You’re set. Kindly help improves conditions in Nigeria. Again, my sincere congratulations!

Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo, whose birthday was Wednesday, didn’t handle the defeat well and announced to his followers that he wouldn’t have a party to mark the occasion.

Kanayo, an ardent backer of the Labour Party, L.P., nominee for President, Peter Obi, wrote: “I’m not enjoying my birthday because INEC sold humiliation in the market. Thank you to all my supporters and prayer warriors; you have my eternal gratitude.

Junior Pope, an actor, once penned “My Heart Bleeds. This stings in a unique way; who does this, INEC? In the brightness of day?

Nothing is being celebrated anywhere in the nation except by a select few who care only about themselves. If you give us the green light, we’ll have another Olympian Party like the one in 1996. Not just in America but everywhere in the entire wide world. How do we proceed from here? What should we do? “Who saves us?”

After INEC announced Peter Obi’s defeat, Anita Joseph posted on Instagram, “I just woke up, and the Web is blazing. To paraphrase @peterobigregory: history will never forget. I am pleased to call myself an Obedient. So happy I chose my moral compass to translate @iyaboojofespris. That’s fine. This is history, and it will not be forgotten. We did what we could, which will go down in history, but in the end. They changed it into Peace.

Actress Kate Henshaw also responded to Obi’s defeat by posting a photo of him and reiterating her unwavering support for his campaign.

Kate tweeted, “I am still 100 percent behind you, @peterobigregory. The things I’ve seen in my existence and this great nation have given me hope, and I refuse to give them up.

“God cannot be questioned, my people,” Destiny Etiko wrote. By a majority of votes, we were successful. Lord, we have not lost our unwavering belief in you. The unsuspecting Nigerians who turned out to vote in large numbers have been disappointed and brokenhearted by INEC.

Performer Kehinde Adams, aka Lege Miami, insulted his superior coworker Iyabo Ojo on social media.

Lege uploaded an image of himself dancing and singing to mock Iyabo, adding that Tinubu had won the poll despite the actress’s best attempts to help Peter Obi.

Similarly, actor Iyabo Ojo in her response to Obi’s defeat, wrote: “I’m so pleased and so delighted that I stayed on the right road, and I will eternally stand on the correct path.

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Whether or not INEC chooses you as President, @peterobigregory, I am and will remain unwaveringly submissive. Indeed, you are a magnificent human being. Dear fellow conformists, please relax. No one or object justifies one’s death. We’ll have to battle another day. Let’s all get along and trust the legal system to do its job. The loyal movement will be remembered for ages to come. “I adore you all.

Hollywood actress Eniola Badmus added, “Congratulations, papa @officialasiwajubat. Kindly allow me to reintroduce myself.

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