Dotun Taylor: How I Made Ooni an Actor

Dotun Taylor: How I Made Ooni an Actor. Dotun Taylor, director of the forthcoming film “Take Me Home,” has stated that the inclusion of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, was motivated by the film’s focus on Yoruba tradition.

‘Ooni is the forefather of all Yoruba tribe, and such a personality seems to be in the tale, so we confronted the king,’ he explained to Saturday Beats. He’s our dad, and he’s in the film to hammer home a certain point.

The filmmaker has spoken about the film’s goals, saying, “The purpose of the film is to raise fresh attention to the restoration of Yoruba arts and artifacts that are spread all over the globe.” The Yoruba are the rightful owners of various properties all over the globe. While we may refer to them as “art,” the spiritual energies they contain are begging to be brought back to their creators.

Dotun Taylor_ How I Made Ooni an Actor

Taylor replied, “Hollywood is not exaggerated. ” when asked why he chose to make a movie on Yoruba culture in America of America. It was an amazing experience in the filmmaking capital of the world. It’s an exciting new frontier, for sure.

Once again, these things are the foundation of who I am. Before everything else, I am a guy of the Yoruba culture. As a Yoruba cultural ambassador, I see what I’m doing here as part of my job description.

An official statement released to Saturday Beats suggests that the film’s protagonists challenge convention and take the initiative to find their true calling.

The daughter of an American family becomes possessed (spiritually) after donning a stolen African masquerade costume from the city of Ile Ife in the Nigerian state of Osun.

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The film has a wide range of performers, from the acclaimed Lateef Adedimeji and Bayo Bankole to the acclaimed Dave Sheridan, Amber Rivette, and Felissa Rose of Hollywood.

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