Empress Njamah says Some Shocking Things About Her Ex-Fiancé

Empress Njamah says some shocking things about her ex-fiancé. Empress Njamah, a star in the Nollywood industry, has written a book detailing the abuse she suffered due to her ex-fiance, Josh Wade.

The actress announced this on Wednesday through a series of photos on her Instagram account.

As Empress narrated the emotionally exhausting event at her partner’s hands, she announced that she had regained control of her Instagram account.

She said many victims felt encouraged to come forward after seeing his image shared online.

Empress Njamah says Some Shocking Things About Her Ex-Fiancé

She stated, “I’m pleased I stepped out to talk since displaying his image has prompted many of his victims to come forward.” He goes under several monikers and is responsible for horrendous abuse against many women.

Blackmailing people by threatening to expose themselves has been his stock-in-trade for years. The photos I posted online revealed much information about him, and the proper authorities are now looking into the matter.

The authorities are looking for him, but he’s still on the run. If you’re wondering why I haven’t gone to the police, it’s because I already did. I need to be careful what I share on Instagram.

Unfortunately, a blog used his bogus tale to publish false information about me. Lies, we created this mess by ourselves.

Victims can’t come out to talk because people condemn, (and) curse, and humiliate them. More than a hundred women’s lives have been recounted to me.

The public will only know the whole story once the blackmailer is captured by the police. However, when the truth is out, justice will be delivered. “It’s quite unfortunate when media platforms judges pick up their phones to intimidate victims.”

I told him I’d seen dozens of videos featuring famous people on his phone. Before people began opening up and chatting with me, they ridiculed me and claimed I was lying.

Okay, I’ll quit ranting about the same blackmailer who has gone to Kirikiri jail (if you only knew his crime).

My blackmailer took my vehicle, passport, three phones, and millions of dollars in valuables and escaped.

To paraphrase one of his numerous victims: “After stealing all my income, but not my life. I’ve asked women if they’d like to meet someone who will alter their life through direct messages.

After promising never to ask for such a thing again, he begins a conversation with the woman on the phone, during which he repeatedly requests access to her dollar account and her naked body. A shocking number of people let him blackmail them in this way. Depressing.

“I endured a nightmare for months because I didn’t want my footage out there,” she said. During my shower, this blackmailer snuck into my home and videotaped me on the video call, something that couples do.

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As a result of his malicious aim, thankfully, I was fortunate to get away from him before he killed or permanently maimed me with his frequent beatings, threats, and humiliation. Because I outed him, he assumed I was the fearful person in the videos and uploaded them online, where I spent a lot of time (I lived in the hospital). When we were alone, I managed to knock him out. Praise God; I’m still here; I’ve gotten my life back.

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