Four People Died when Two Helicopters Crashed in Australia

Four people died when two helicopters crashed in Australia. Images show one of the helicopter’s rotors laying on a beach bank following Monday’s midair collision between two helicopters on Australia’s Gold Coast, where officials say four people were killed.

The authorities have reported that three other victims are in extremely severe condition.

A downed helicopter could be seen on its side on the sand just a short distance from the water’s edge. Images on the national broadcasting station ABC revealed that its rotors had been laid out not far away.

The other helicopter was found at the crash site, which was close to the busy tourist destination of Sea World, appearing to have sustained minimal damage.

Four People Died when Two Helicopters Crashed in Australia

Pictures of the aftermath revealed a bright yellow recovery aircraft that had landed on the beach nearby, its blades whirring while a large group of rescue workers dispersed in all directions.

At the water’s edge, near the beach where the two planes had crashed, were several police and rescue boats.

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Acting Inspector Gary Worrell of the Queensland Police Service informed reporters at the site, “Those two aircraft, upon colliding, have crash landed, and crashed, on the rocky beach just out from Sea World resort.”

“Four individuals have died today because of that,” he added. Three others are in serious condition at the hospital.

It was described as a “midair collision,” and Australia’s transport safety agency opened an inquiry.

It claimed that investigators would come soon to map the scene, inspect the debris, and retrieve any necessary parts for further analysis.

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