Peter Okoye: Let’s Retake Nigeria From Its Failing Leaders

Peter Okoye: Let’s retake Nigeria from its failing leaders. Peter Okoye, one-fourth of the Nigerian pop group P-Square, has called on his country’s citizens to remove corrupt leaders and reclaim power.

The 41-year-old announced it on Wednesday through his Twitter feed.

He claimed that politicians don’t care about the Nigerian people.

Peter Okoye Let's Retake Nigeria From Its Failing Leaders

He urged his fellow citizens to get their PVCs so they may retire them and reclaim their nation.

He cried, “Look at the people in charge of our beloved Nigeria!

Shame on these crooked politicians and inept leaders who don’t consider us worthy of respect. To reclaim our nation, everyone has to get their PVC cards and retire from their government.

Vote now because “Enough is enough.”

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Moreover, he said, “The falsehoods that some of these politicians and unsuccessful leaders spew may raise the dead.

“Na waitin’ na?!! Let’s put an end to them with a vote.

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