MTN Foundation Chief Releases Book on Education in Nigeria

MTN Foundation Chief Releases Book on Education in Nigeria. Dennis Okoro, current head of the MTN Foundation and a former director of education in Nigeria, has published his first book, titled “Education in Nigeria: Visions for a Changing World,” in Lagos.

This book examines Nigeria’s educational landscape today and draws attention to the many unresolved issues. It contains insightful criticisms, comments, ideas, and facts that would put Nigeria in a better position to adapt its education system to the complicated and unpredictable future.

MTN Foundation Chief Releases Book on Education in Nigeria

Okoro claims that it was during a talk with an expatriate that he was motivated to write the book.

Some years ago, while attending the Argungu fishing festival, I talked with an ex-pat who pushed me to write down my thoughts on the Nigerian school system. He remarked, “Fortunately, the Covid shutdown gave me the time I needed to collect my thoughts and write the book.

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Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi (OFR), chairman of the MTN Foundation, also spoke at the occasion, urging those in attendance to read the book even though it is not your typical book.

I acknowledge your efforts in getting this book published, Dennis, and I know it will be a great resource for anyone lucky enough to have a copy. The Book is an extraordinary first-hand account, not just another book. Since it includes first-hand accounts from various people, he says, “I think everyone should read the book to enhance and develop themselves with the education knowledge.”

Former students, coworkers, relatives, and friends of Mr. Dennis Okoro were also present for the event, as well as Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, Chairman MTN Nigeria, and Justice Rose Ukeje.

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