Nigeria’s Ex-President Obasanjo Approves Labour Party’s Peter Obi for president

Nigeria’s ex-President Obasanjo approves Labour Party’s Peter Obi for president. Obasanjo, Nigeria’s previous president, supports Obi’s bid for reelection. This is much more than a recommendation; he has crafted an inspiring argument that no significant figure in contemporary Nigerian politics can afford to dismiss.


Wishing you all the best in the next year! Wishing that this year brings an end to all national disasters.

Because of the weight of the decision that Nigerians of all ages will make in the next two months and the responsibility and consequences that come with it, I feel compelled to write this open letter to all Nigerians, and especially young Nigerians, friends of Nigeria around the world, and our development partners.

Nigeria's Ex-President Obasanjo Approves Labour Party's Peter Obi for president

All of us who are still here today should thank God for His graces, prepare ourselves for the remaining months of this government, and fight diligently to bring about an instant better future, one filled with emancipation, restoration, and enormous hope and anticipation.

We’ve been fed conflicting messages from campaigners throughout the country:

  • What they mean.
  • What they don’t mean.
  • What they comprehend.
  • What’s doable.
  • What’s not practical.
  • What’s not true.

I believe neither confusion nor credulity is necessary. Let’s exercise caution so that we are not taken in again.

From my interactions with the leading candidates, it is interesting to note that they all profess, in one way or another, to desire to restore Nigeria to its pre-crisis status and the level of prosperity it had during my presidency.

It hurt my heart to see that most people don’t realize that Nigeria had fallen so far since June 1999, when I took office as president.

Although Nigeria was in dire straits and on the point of collapse and break-up, the country has improved greatly since then. Bad economic policies have led to severe poverty, vast unemployment, and galloping inflation; rudderless leadership has boosted the country on the back of the mishandling of diversity; and insecurity, poverty, and corruption are all at an all-time high in Nigeria.

This is why I have repeatedly been stressing that the tools and approaches employed between 1999 and 2007 are woefully insufficient for the critical position in which we now find ourselves.

All the main candidates claim to be my mentees, but I treat them equally and with the highest respect because I want what’s right for Nigeria and all Nigerians.

There is no way I can refute such claims, as I have collaborated with every single one of them in some capacity or another throughout my time in office.

As I have progressed in understanding what it takes to effectively steer Nigeria’s affairs in this time and place, I have grown to appreciate the importance of several characteristics in character, traits, and attitude.

There are numerous such features or qualities; nevertheless, there are a select few that we should keep in mind as a group.

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