Sudan is Urged by Russia To Address Its Political Issues

Sudan is urged by Russia to address its political issues. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Sudan’s military leaders and pushed them to work out the country’s political problems independently, saying that outside “efforts to educate the Sudanese what to do things” were counterproductive.

Since the generals deposed the civilian leadership of the transitional government, supported by the West, in October 2021, the nation has been in a state of political instability.

Sudan is Urged by Russia To Address Its Political Issues

The possibility of a Russian naval station being established in Sudan near the Red Sea has also been discussed.

Mr. Lavrov has said that approval of the proposal is pending, but the political turmoil in Sudan has been going on for quite some time.

Before the Russian foreign minister’s arrival, Western diplomats met with the military rulers. They were assured of the council’s adherence to an arrangement intended to lead to a democratic transitional administration.

Their backing of the process, though, has been criticized by Mr. Lavrov.

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Furthermore, he said that Western politicians are following him around when he is in Africa. The trip is his third in the last six months.

World powers looking to increase their sway are again interested in the continent.

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